Whether you’re a growing small/medium business or a small “mom ‘n’ pop” shop, we have the right system to fit your company’s needs. Our Hosted IP PBX service delivers you a powerful, full-featured, business-class phone system at a lower Total Cost of Ownership than what you’re currently paying. Standard calling features include Shared Line Appearance, Multiple Appearance Directory Numbers (MADNs), Call Pick-Up Groups, Music on Hold and Short Code Dialing.


Real Business Benefits!


  • Predictable Operating Expense – Since there is no phone system to purchase, the capital costs are limited. Monthly voice and data charges are usually calculated on a per phone basis. If you have 10 employees each with a phone on their desk, your monthly operating cost will be 10 times a set fee. If you add people, you’ll know exactly how your cost will increase.


  • No Maintenance Expenses – Because we own the equipment, we are responsible for all the costs associated with equipment and software upgrades.


  • Ease of Management – We are responsible for managing the equipment. Routine changes like adding a new person to the system or changing an extension number are done by the customer using a simple, web interface.


  • Never Obsolete  – Since our equipment hosts the system, we will routinely upgrade the service so that new enhancements are delivered on an ongoing basis at little or no cost.


How it Works:

Click here to watch a video about how Hosted IP PBX service works.

We deliver the features your business needs in today’s competitive business environment! Contact us today at 800-421-5711!